The Challenge Success Survey: What You Need to Know!

By: Raquel Kanner A few weeks before break, both Byram Hills High School and H.C. Crittenden Middle School students took part in the Challenge Success Survey. This 70 question survey covered the overall school experience of students. However, many students asked themselves the question, “Why do I even need to take the survey?”   The questionnaire was created by Stanford University, and according to their website, … Continue reading The Challenge Success Survey: What You Need to Know!

A New Way for Students to Learn at Byram Hills

By Marleigh Canter In 1987, David Martin founded SMART Technologies. Their interactive displays—SMART Boards—are a tool Byram Hills has been very fortunate to have for the past ten years. But unfortunately, they have “started to become cost prohibitive,” according to Principal Walsh. It would be more expensive for Byram Hills to update the SMART Boards than invest in new Promethean Boards. Promethean Boards are less … Continue reading A New Way for Students to Learn at Byram Hills

The Mentor Program: Holiday Edition

By Lorraine DiSano With the holidays right around the corner, the mentor classes are getting prepared to do their part, whether it be through gifts or charitable donations. In past years, mentor classes have celebrated the upcoming holiday season with a party and gift exchange between the classes. Mr. Andriello explained that “It was a nice way to celebrate the season, but teachers and students began … Continue reading The Mentor Program: Holiday Edition

SugarHi: The Sensational Sweet Shop

By Olivia Canter Picture a sweet-scented magical candyland, overflowing with bright irresistible treats. Well, that amazing childhood board-game exists in the form of SugarHi. Located right in Armonk, it opened this October and has been the popular destination for those with a sweet tooth! Twin sisters Hillary Assael and Elissa Weinhoff run this fabulous business together. Elissa explains that, “My twin sister has had a cake … Continue reading SugarHi: The Sensational Sweet Shop

Moving Onward!

By Ellen Amico The seniors of the Authentic Science Research program can take a sigh of relief after three years of grueling work! They’ve finally submitted to Regeneron! All of the work that students have done for the last three years culminate into one final product: a paper that is submitted to one of the most prestigious programs that rewards students for their independent, authentic … Continue reading Moving Onward!

Stuck on Finding a Holiday Gift?

By Drew Siskin Girls: Gift Ideas Apple Charging Case (Apple: $99) These days, kids seem to be always on their phones and sometimes the girls even more! It’s inevitable for their phone to run out of battery all of the time. This holiday season, get a charging case for them so they can make sure their device is always functioning! Ugg Slippers (Ugg: $120) A great … Continue reading Stuck on Finding a Holiday Gift?