Why Does Byram Hills Lack a True Student Body Government?

By Danny Lombara Many students at BHHS wonder why our school lacks a student body government and doesn’t have a school election, like HCC and other high schools. “I think a class presidential election would be interesting,” says Freshman Nick Skiera,“I definitely know kids who would want to run in it.” So, if kids would be interested in a student body government, why isn’t there … Continue reading Why Does Byram Hills Lack a True Student Body Government?

“Blackout Schedule” Schedule Replaced by “Staggered Quarters”

By Zachary Milewicz Mention the word “blackout” to any student at Byram Hills and they’ll probably think back to a headache: a headache during two endless weeks of torture. Two weeks filled with immense workloads, more tests than can be counted on fingers, and highly elevated stress levels. The end of each quarter can get busy. Students want to raise their grades, and teachers want … Continue reading “Blackout Schedule” Schedule Replaced by “Staggered Quarters”

The Byram Bean…Where Beans Come True!

By Rachel Ackerman Chai tea lattes, mango smoothies, and chocolate croissants . . . you wouldn’t expect to find these items being sold at your average high school. Well, luckily enough, Byram Hills is far from average! Welcome to the Byram Bean, a coffee shop that was announced by Mr. Walsh at the beginning of the year and made its grand opening in late December. … Continue reading The Byram Bean…Where Beans Come True!

Cafeteria Remodeled: for better or for worse?

By Alessandra Colella “You can’t sit with us”- the infamous line from the classic high school movie Mean Girls. This line is the epitome of exclusion. We are always told to never exclude, and our teachers and principals constantly try to find activities to promote inclusion. However, this can prove hard when there are only 8 seats at a lunch table. How are children supposed to … Continue reading Cafeteria Remodeled: for better or for worse?

Introducing Our Regeneron Scholars!

By Sarah Huang   There has been major buzz roaming the halls of Byram Hills these past few weeks. On January 4th, three seniors – Yasamin Bayley, Isabelle (Izzy) Chong, and Audrey Saltzman – were announced to be among 300 Regeneron Science Talent Search (STS) scholars whose projects were chosen from over 1500 applicants nationwide. Being a scholar is equivalent to being a semifinalist, and … Continue reading Introducing Our Regeneron Scholars!

“Byram Hills Clearly Does Have Talent”

By Amanda Tuzzo Each year, you can find singers, rappers, and musicians performing on stage at Byram Hills High School. These incredibly talented individuals are our very own Byram Hills students. Many students rarely get the opportunity to display their talents to parents, peers, and the Byram Hills High School principal, Mr. Walsh, without extreme pressure. However, the One World/Great Activities Board Benefit Show gave … Continue reading “Byram Hills Clearly Does Have Talent”

Holiday Giveaway!

We have some super exciting news (…well, we always do)! Thanks to the generosity of local businesses – DeCicco & Sons Armonk, Moderne Barn, Pleasant Grooming of Armonk – we are having a holiday giveaway. To enter, simply like our Facebook page, BHHS Oracle. Winners will be selected daily the first week in January. Share this post with friends and family. Happy holidays! Continue reading Holiday Giveaway!