Top 5 Summer Destinations for BHHS Students

By Olivia Scaglione With students stressing for finals and Regents exams, there is one thing that everyone in the high school is looking forward to… summer vacation – a break from school in which students spend time with family and friends, and relax their minds before the next school year begins. Many students have plans for the summer, but these plans are often very different. … Continue reading Top 5 Summer Destinations for BHHS Students

BHHS’ Newest Addition: The Physics Mural

By Natalie Hooker One of the newest and most exciting additions to Byram Hills High School is the Physics Mural that will grace the walls from floor to ceiling in the physics wing. This mural is currently being worked on by Mr. Lopez’s Advanced Drawing and Painting classes. There are eighteen students creating this life-size mural with the guidance of Mr. Lopez. As many students … Continue reading BHHS’ Newest Addition: The Physics Mural

The End of the Year Blues Call for Jazz on the Lawn

By Jesse Perlmutter After months of harsh cold weather, we finally had a beautiful warm day for the Byram Hills Jazz band to perform at Jazz on the Lawn. As the sun began to set, I plugged my guitar into the amp and began the sound check. The nervous chatter and excitement from the crowd echoed while each member tuned his or her instrument and … Continue reading The End of the Year Blues Call for Jazz on the Lawn

An Amazing AstroEvent

By James Bastone On Thursday, May 24th, The Astronomy Club held their first ever AstroEvent, a night filled with presentations, discussions, and gazing up at the stars. The event was held right here at Byram Hills and is hailed as a success by Club President Josh Freedman, who noted,  “Overall, we accomplished our goal of sparking interest in astronomy and allowing many people to experience … Continue reading An Amazing AstroEvent

The Armonk Lions’ Fol de Rol

By Amanda Tuzzo Every year, at Wampus Community Park, the Armonk Lions Club hosts the Fol-de-Rol – a weekend of crazy rides, tempting food, exuberant games and lots of smiles! This carnival is filled with fun and is welcome to people of all ages! Whether it’s riding roller coasters, playing games, or browsing different vendors’ booths, there is definitely something for everyone! This year, the … Continue reading The Armonk Lions’ Fol de Rol

Who Said Only Kids Can Have Fun?

By Zachary Milewicz For eight years, I spent my summers in the Poconos at a sleep-away camp. Like many of the camps other Byram students head off to at the end of finals and Regents, my camp offers a myriad of activities—athletics and arts—enthusiastic counselors, and ‘delicious’ meals three times a day plus snacks. Going into last summer, I knew it was definitely not going … Continue reading Who Said Only Kids Can Have Fun?