A New Course: AP Government

by Alex Berkman Next year, the social studies department is introducing a new AP Government course into the curriculum. For the first time, a civics course will be offered to the students and can be used to replace the standard economic credit for graduating seniors. I sat down with Mr. Thomas Andriello, who in addition to teaching Global 1 and Global 2, running the debate … Continue reading A New Course: AP Government

Senior Skip Day: A Memorable Tradition or An Unnecessary Absence

By Olivia Scaglione By the time the second semester rolls around, most seniors have already heard back from college or are waiting for a decision. Therefore, many have “senioritis” and feel a decline in their motivation for their final year of academics. From writing with chalk on the sidewalks before the first day of school to wearing blackout t-shirts during the first week, there are … Continue reading Senior Skip Day: A Memorable Tradition or An Unnecessary Absence

Boys’ Varsity Basketball: A Season RECAP

by Gabby Ripka The Byram Hills Boys Varsity Basketball Team is always a contender for the coveted Section 1 Gold Ball and this year was no different. At the beginning of the season, LoHud ranked them as the number three team in the section. With returning LoHud Super 7 standouts, Ben Leff and Willy Samsen, Byram was a team with a target on its back the … Continue reading Boys’ Varsity Basketball: A Season RECAP

Challenge Success

By Mia Dittrich Challenge Success is an organization that works with teams of educators, parents, and students at schools all across the country. Their mission is to implement the best practices and policies in areas such as curriculum, assessment, homework, school schedule, and a healthy school climate. Last year, the Byram Hills school district partnered with Challenge Success, giving 8th through 12th-grade students a survey … Continue reading Challenge Success