How Seniors Really Feel About College

By Renner Kwittken By this point in the school year, many seniors have committed or are considering their options as to where to spend the next chapter of their life. In the senior class, there is a prevailing sense of nostalgia and nervous excitement. Seniors are noticing their “lasts” in high school and are thinking back on their four years with mixed emotions of fondness as … Continue reading How Seniors Really Feel About College

Midterms: Requirement or Unnecessary?

By Samantha Krevolin Once December Break is over, students often feel relaxed and refreshed coming into the new year. People are excited to see their friends and follow their New Year’s resolutions. However, this mindset is quickly changed as students are told by their teachers when they come back to school that midterms are rapidly approaching. The real controversy about this subject is the fact … Continue reading Midterms: Requirement or Unnecessary?

College Banners: How Do You Feel About Their Presence?

By Olivia Conte Typically by this time of year, students passing by the guidance office will notice college banners displayed on the walls. From Cornell to UCLA to The University of Wisconsin, colleges from around the country are represented in the array of pennants. This year, however, students are yet to see these banners and many are curious as to why. Normally, people would be … Continue reading College Banners: How Do You Feel About Their Presence?

Dress Code . . . Yes or No?

By Olivia Scaglione As winter has drawn to a close, warm weather is (hopefully!) fast approaching and as is the discussion of a controversial topic in many schools around the nation: whether students should be required to follow a dress code. When speaking to several students at the high school, most agreed that students should be able to wear the clothing they want. Freshman Gabriella … Continue reading Dress Code . . . Yes or No?