Spring Sports Overview

By Nolan Sanders As the spring sports season begins, thirteen different teams are working tirelessly to reach their specific goals. These teams include the boys and girls varsity and junior varsity lacrosse, varsity and junior varsity baseball, varsity softball, varsity and junior boys tennis, boys and girls track, and boys and girls golf. The spring season is unique in that it is easily the shortest … Continue reading Spring Sports Overview

BHHS Varsity Cheerleading

By Lily Moss Whether it is a football or basketball game at Byram Hills, you can be sure the bleachers are packed.  Students and parents alike come to not only watch the intense sporting event but also to see the Byram Hills cheerleaders motivate the crowd with their synchronized cheers and well-choreographed dance moves. Make no mistake, cheerleading is not all pep and glamor. These … Continue reading BHHS Varsity Cheerleading

Byram’s 71-50 Victory Against Walter Panas

By Izzy Sullivan Byram Hills’ first game of sectionals was an outstanding victory against Walter Panas, making Byram Hills the #1 team in New York State. Byram began the game with their five core players on their home court: Benjamin Leff (#12), Matthew Groll (#5), Matthew Milone (#1), Skylar Sinon (#2), and William Samsen (#3). Walter Panas scored the first two points off of an … Continue reading Byram’s 71-50 Victory Against Walter Panas

The Byram Hills Dance Team

By Natalie Hooker The Dance Team is very excited to announce the start of their new season, including a brand new program for their students! This new program gives students a fun introduction to dance by exploring various styles and techniques of dance, while providing them with the experience of displaying their talents a a team. The dance team welcomes students with all levels of dance … Continue reading The Byram Hills Dance Team

A Successful Season So Far for the Hockey Team

By Casey Begleiter There’s a new buzz around the halls of the high school. That buzz is about the hockey team. Last year, Coach AJ Cloherty led the team to its first winning record in years, and this year they’re off to a strong start with a record of 5-4. Although there are only two seniors on this year’s team, Robert Lunder and Robert Bastone, … Continue reading A Successful Season So Far for the Hockey Team