Nate Bergman: The Freshman Showstopper!

By Dani Cronin It is no secret that the Byram Hills theater department has a surplus of musical and theatrical talent! This year the Varley Players, the theater group at BHHS, welcomed an extremely talented freshman, Nate Bergman, to the stage! Premiering in his first high school performance this fall, Nate secured the lead role of Bobby Strong in the musical Urinetown. Earning a primary … Continue reading Nate Bergman: The Freshman Showstopper!

Byram Hills Welcomes Dr. Caroline Matthew!

By Julia Barnett After the shocking news of Mr. Keith’s retirement last spring, everyone was curious to see who would be joining the science research team. A teacher with a passion for research and love for science would be vital to continue this program’s excellence. Fortunately, it was easy to tell on the first day of class this fall that Dr. Matthew was the perfect … Continue reading Byram Hills Welcomes Dr. Caroline Matthew!

Mr. Quirolo: Byram’s Newest Guidance Counselor

By Drew Siskin Mr. Quirolo, BHHS’s newest guidance counselor for freshmen, is not only a great counselor but a friend to anyone in need. He describes himself as, “a team player, collaborative, and helpful.” Additionally, Mr. Quirolo is easy to talk to and really knows how to make you laugh! When walking into Mr. Quirolo’s office, students feel like they’re on their couch at home. … Continue reading Mr. Quirolo: Byram’s Newest Guidance Counselor

English Addition: Mrs. Shaw

By Zoe Daniel While interviewing Mrs. Shaw, it became apparent through her exciting tone and lively facial expressions, that she is not only passionate about English but teaching as well. She recounted that fact that she has, “always taken an interest in English, and honestly, I can’t really remember a time when I didn’t. Since I was little I’ve always loved reading and writing, and … Continue reading English Addition: Mrs. Shaw

How 5 BHHS Students Spent Their Summers

By Lily Moss After a long 10 months of studying, homework and extracurriculars, it is certain that BHHS students are ready for a break. Students have a bit more than 8 weeks to spend their time however they choose without the pressures of school to limit them. However, not everyone chooses to spend this coveted free time the same. The Oracle spoke with 5 BHHS … Continue reading How 5 BHHS Students Spent Their Summers