Welcoming Our New Superintendent, Mrs. Lamia

By Alexis Aberman Although students do not always have direct contact with their superintendents, Byram Hills’ superintendents do excellent jobs in maintaining the warm, successful, and high achieving academic atmosphere throughout the district. Early in this school year, Dr. Donohue, Byram’s current superintendent, announced that he would be retiring from Byram Hills School District. Community members were shocked to learn that Donohue, who has been committed … Continue reading Welcoming Our New Superintendent, Mrs. Lamia

Humor and Humility: Mr. Hubbs

By David McDaniels When opening my schedule freshman year I had one hope. It was built based on stories, recommendations from friends, and what my sisters had told me. The one teacher I was dying to have was Mr. Hubbs. It didn’t take too long as my first-semester first-period class, mentor, was taught by none other than Mr. Hubbs. I was not sure what made … Continue reading Humor and Humility: Mr. Hubbs

The New Martian: Josh Piecyk

By Renner Kwittken When Mrs. Greenwald was asked about Josh Piecyk, a junior at Byram Hills High School, she responded, “he has such an insightful way of looking at the world and clearly is able to see the humor in most life situations. That’s a real gift that will take him far.” Josh’s Science Research topic doesn’t look at this world however. The official name … Continue reading The New Martian: Josh Piecyk

A Merit Winner in Popular Voice: Senior Giana Poppo

By Alexandra Brocato With the seniors officially gone, it is important to recognize the unique, creative, and influential impact they had on Byram Hills. One such student, Giana Poppo, has left quite a legacy. Giana was recently named named a 2017 ​National YoungArts Foundation​ ​(YoungArts)​ Merit Winner in Popular Voice. She was selected, along with 690 other students, from the largest pool of applicants to date … Continue reading A Merit Winner in Popular Voice: Senior Giana Poppo

Mr. Horowitz. A Legend.

By David McDaniels What makes a man a legend? Is it his accomplishments, bold actions, or depth of knowledge? At Byram Hills High School, nobody fits this mold as well as Mr. Horowitz. On his wall it reads, “Mr. Horowitz is a significant figure,” and to all students, this is the truth. To be a successful teacher one needs to convey the information effectively, and more importantly, … Continue reading Mr. Horowitz. A Legend.