Importance of Sleep-away Camp

By Lily Moss When I think of my days at sleep-away camp, I am reminded of amazing friendships, the happiest of days, and most importantly, my second home. Sleep-away camp gives kids the opportunity to reinvent themselves, explore their independence, and try new things, all in a judgment-free environment. The best part of it all––it’s so much fun. Most kids have spent their adolescent years … Continue reading Importance of Sleep-away Camp

Is Our Freedom of Press in Danger?

By Alessandra Colella There has been much buzz regarding the possible change to one of America’s most important freedoms: the freedom of the press. The freedom of the press allows for journalists to report on news, while expressing their unique and diverse opinions. This right is rooted in the first amendment, which states, “Congress shall make no law . . . abridging the freedom of speech, … Continue reading Is Our Freedom of Press in Danger?

High School Students Mentor at the HCC Atomic Bomb Trial

By Julia Barnett Legal terms such as “objection” and “may it please the court” were enthusiastically used last month when students at HCC Middle School had the exciting opportunity to be coached by members of the Byram Hills Mock Trial Team for their annual atomic bomb trial. Sophomores, juniors, and seniors from the high school had the chance to serve on the jury and decide the final verdict. … Continue reading High School Students Mentor at the HCC Atomic Bomb Trial

“Motown” – 2017 BHHS Choir Cabaret

By Natalie Hooker In February, the BHHS choir hosted their annual Cabaret, conducted by Mr. Piali, in the school auditorium. I am a part of our school choir, and I can say it was quite a performance! 2017’s Cabaret was called “Motown,” named and inspired by Motown Records. Motown Record Company was founded in 1960, and it is a company that produces Contemporary R&B, Disco, Doo … Continue reading “Motown” – 2017 BHHS Choir Cabaret


By Ellen Amico On March 4th, more than 550 students from Westchester County competed at the Westchester Science and Engineering Fair, also known as WESEF, at Sleepy Hollow High School. The event is a poster competition showcasing numerous projects covering a multitude of subjects. Sponsored by Regeneron, students compete for entry to ISEF, the International Science and Engineering Fair. All of the seniors from the … Continue reading A WESEF Recap

Application Process for Senior Leadership Positions

By Amanda Tuzzo When many people think about senior year, words like “college,” “fun,” and “senioritis” come to mind. Although the seniors are nearing the end of their high school days, and many feel they can finally take a breather, a handful of seniors must fulfill the responsibilities they have assumed in taking on a leadership position. As many know, high school can be very … Continue reading Application Process for Senior Leadership Positions